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To purchase a Comprehensive Checklist for QP site visits to primary office every

14 days and branch offices every 120 days (to document proper training, supervision): Submit $50.00 via PayPal link above.

**Include your email address to receive the QP Management Checklist**


To purchase a Comprehensive Written Plan required by OPM rule if the QP is physically absent/unavailable from the business for any reason: Submit $75.00 via PayPal link above.

**Include your email address to receive the QP Plan**


The laws, rules, forms and guidelines change frequently. Call or email Lisa Gervase to ensure that the laws and rules linked on this site are current.

LAWS- Click here

RULES- Click here

Inspection Forms - to help with your required "Supervision" of Applicators - Click here and here


Termite treatments in Arizona

TERMITE TREATMENT PROPOSAL: This document must contain all of the information required by laws and rules. It's a good idea to have an attorney prepare it. This applies to all methods of termite treatment, including installing/monitoring bait stations.

APPROVAL OF PROPOSALS: Termite Treatment Proposals must be approved by the AZ Dept of Ag - Pest Management Division. If the proposals changes, they must be approved again.

TREATMENT DIFFERENT FROM PROPOSAL: If the termite treatment is going to differ in any way from the approved, customer-signed proposal, you must provide a new or amended proposal to the customer.

TARF filings: Termite Action Report Forms must be filed for certain termite actions such as a WDIIR, pretreatment, and initial corrective treatment. When in doubt, consider that the first time a pest control company performs a termite action at a residential property, it should file a TARF so that the database has a history of all companies where a consumer can obtain information about that property.

More than one method of treatment: If the TARF form doesn't allow more than one type of treatment to be listed, put the second one in the "notes".  

This is a summary. For more information, consult an attorney.


Join AzPPO(Arizona Pest Professional Organization). The AzPPO's mission is to serve as the voice for the Arizona pest control industry, protecting the livelihoods of pest management professionals while fostering education, promoting professionalism, raising ethical standards, enhancing environmental stewardship, improving public health and the quality of live. Check out



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